The Growth & Freedom That’s Possible With Expert Accelerator.

Michele's Made $250K 
in Just 2 Weeks
"I made $320,000 in business just two months into Jessica's program and reclaimed my time."
Michele Williams
The Rapid Growth of 
James Jacobi's Business
"I generated $500K in 10 months. Jessica is the best in the industry at teaching you how to package and sell your expertise."
James Jacobi

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Want To See The Results Business Owners Have Been Getting In The Expert Accelerator Program?

Expert Accelerator clients are consistently setting new revenue records….
And they’re only getting started on tapping into their full potential.

Trea used our unique strategies to completely transform her pricing structure, client attraction and enrollment process. She went from undercharging and attracting tire kickers to raising her prices, getting qualified leads and easily enrolling ultra high end clients. 

She generated $150,000 in the month of July alone and continues to enjoy a year of massive growth.
Trea Tijmens
Dating Coach & Matchmaker
Jay spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing that didn't work. Using our strategies, he was able to gain clarity around his dream clients, package his expertise and start selling five figure programs.

His confidence grew as did demand for his services. Jay was able to make more in one month than he did in the previous year combined!

Jay Klassen
Business & Performance Coach
When John came to us he had perviously worked in the non-profit world. His dream clients where successful leaders and he struggled with transitioning to charging premium prices.

John applied our strategies and was able to shift his mindset, raise his prices and align his mindset with the value he brings to his clients’ lives. All of this skyrocketed his income!

John Alan Turner
Executive & Leadership Coach
When John came to us, he viewed his business as just selling hours. He also struggled with imposter syndrome. We helped him to transform the way he approached his business and to create a model that is transformational, profitable and scalable. We also helped to shift his confidence and mindset to be able to see and own his value. 

John transformed his programs and messaging and was able to go from just selling hours to selling $25K coaching programs. 
John Collins
Executive & Leadership Coach
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